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Company Background

Thorne Diagnostics, Inc., is a private DNA technology company with a focus on developing products that can fundamentally improve drug discovery and the practice of medicine. We are developing a portfolio of technologies for the detection and quantification of proteins and nucleic acids, with companion electronic automation for the location, detection and analysis of rare cells in clinical samples (rare events).

Our single-temperature (isothermal) detection platform, RAM (Ramification Amplification Method), can increase discrimination power up to 1000 fold above current methods. RAM and its companion technology, HSAM (Hybridization Signal Amplification Method), represent the next generation of technology after PCR (polymerase chain reaction). RAM/HSAM have significant advantages in sensitivity, multiplexing, quantification, and dynamic range over older amplification methods and offer real-time, super-exponential amplification.

In the clinic of the future, where "labs on a chip," microarrays and microfluidics can require small sample size, our technology will offer critical advantages. Our proprietary techniques provide reliable and repeatable DNA analysis, whether the sample holds one cell or thousands. Earliest detection of cancer recurrence, monitoring response to therapy for immunocompromised patients and prenatal testing of fetal cells from maternal peripheral blood are all applications where rare event analysis offers a medical breakthrough.

The ease of use, low cost and accuracy of our products gives us a signal opportunity to forge a leadership position in clinical research, drug development, earliest disease diagnosis and thus effective patient treatment. With the opportunity for HT's complete automation and single step processing, DNA analysis can become a practical reality in a broad range of applications, including proteomics, genomics, and diagnostics.