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RAM / HSAM Advantages

RAM/HSAM have sufficient sensitivity and accuracy to detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and even single molecules of DNA, RNA or proteins without amplification by PCR. This highly sensitive, isothermal amplification platform offers multiple advantages over current amplification techniques including:

Accuracy: The platform offers high specificity, combined with extreme sensitivity and reproducibility, which results in greater accuracy in a number of applications.

Multiplexing: Simultaneous measurement is possible of many protein analytes or DNA sequences. The objective is rapid and low cost analysis.

Automation: The RAM platform can be automated in a range of hardware capabilities, which combined with multiplexing, achieves very high throughput.

Quantification: Our technology brings precise quantification to a high accuracy level. We can quantify target analytes or sequences over a wide dynamic range and with an accuracy that is considerably above current methods.

Simple preparation and high throughput: Some of our formats require only one step to perform the assay, bringing DNA analysis on level with the ease and low cost of common clinical tests.

Flexibility: The RAM/HSAM platform is highly effective in solution, on solid surfaces such as biochips, in microfluidics, with a wide range of solid supports and as a slide based cell assay.

Sample size: RAM functions well with very small sample size and the low reagent volumes that are present in microfluidics and microarrays.

Whole genome amplification: RAM and expended RAM technologies can perform whole genome amplification for applications with very few cells

Variation In Amplification Speeds: Depending on the use, RAM amplification can be linear or make a billion copies in less than 1 hour at temperatures ranging from 30°C to 65°C.

SNP Detection: "Long-range" RAM is ideally suited for high throughput detection of Large numbers of SNPs in one amplification reaction.